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Amniflex b.v.

8 juli 2022
Amniflex b.v.

Abraham van Stolkweg 118

3041 JA Rotterdam

+31 (0)10 298 21 21

Amniflex BV (former Amnitec BV) is operating from their location in Rotterdam, Netherlands, since 1985. Already more than 35 years we are specialized in the manufacturing of high-grade flexible connectors such as corrugated stainless steel hoses, composite hoses, rubber bellows and stainless steel expansion joints. These products absorb (thermal) expansion, vibrations and misalignment. Additionally they serve as temporarily connections and are used for loading and unloading of fluids and gases.

Amniflex BV is committed for the highest customer satisfaction by ensuring fast, reliable and quality products delivery approach “Right First Time”. We resolve expansion, alignment, vibration and loading/unloading problems for a wide sector of industries by providing innovative solutions for their applications.

Amniflex BV realizes that added value is the key to any business needs. Our team of enthusiastic, professional and experienced employees is ready to fulfil our customers’ demands. As we have our own assembly and manufacturing facility in Rotterdam, we can deliver our products easily all over the world.

The products from Amniflex BV are used in markets such as:

Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning and Cooling (HVAC)
Tank Terminals

Since the beginning of 2021 Amniflex BV is part of the Plastiflex group, with the head office in Belgium, a company with more than 1000 employees and 6 factories all over the world and specialist in flexible hose solutions in a wide range of markets like healthcare, floor maintenance and industrial applications.

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