25 januari 2023

Am Kanal 8-10
2352  Gumpoldskirchen

+43 1 712 41 05

DUMAG supplies tailor-made burner solutions, modular combustion systems and incineration plants for the treatment of exhaust air, waste gas, waste liquids and other waste streams originating from a wide range of applications in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and waste management industry. The name DUMAG stands for competence in all matters of combustion technology. Our customers associate the positive image of the brand DUMAG with technical sophistication, reliability and durability. Our systems are used worldwide and are known for a stable and safe operation. Learn more about our systems:

• Thermal oxidizer Our masterpiece for liquids and waste gases
• Waste incinerator The most suitable solution for treating liquid and gaseous waste
• Regenerative thermal oxidizer Our unique solution for big air flows
• Boilers & heat recovery Stand-alone utility supply or part of a process solution
• NOx limiting technologies Applying a multilevel NOx control strategy for reliable results

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