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1 februari 2023
Klippon Engineering

Franciscusweg 221
1216 SE Hilversum

0031 - 035 6 261 261

Klippon Engineering – Expertise & Experience for the future of the process industry

Klippon Engineering is the Internationally renowned partner of the Weidmüller Group, bringing together over 60 years of experience, knowledge and engineering competences from our specialists as well as people and partnerships from within the process industry.

The global network focuses on the development and supply of pro[1]ducts, solutions and systems that can extend asset lifecycles, increase production cost efficiencies, reduce capital expenditure costs and increase safety in line with the latest international recognised certifi[1]cation and standards.

In the Klippon Engineering head office in Leicester, United Kingdom, more than 60 years ago, the first terminal blocks and enclosures car[1]rying certification where produced.

First Beginning with connection and protection products and systems in the field of power and signal. To now providing communicati[1]on, retrofit and migration, automation, translation, IoT and data acquisition/analysis solutions and technology. Klippon Engineering is equipped to offer you an individually engineered system or solution to meet your industry or application need.

As always connectivity is the key, therefore our “best in market” solutions under the well-known Klippon® brand come with a close connection to all areas of the process industry like; oil and gas, che[1]mical and pharmaceutical, water treatment, heavy industry, glass and paper.

Klippon Engineering is a Weidmüller brand

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