1 februari 2023

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2408 AC Alphen a/d Rijn

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Smart valve solutions for critical valve operation processes

Sofis is the leader in creating smart valve solutions for critical valve operation processes in energy, chemical, power and water industries.

Controlled, safe and compliant valve operations

As safety expert Sofis provides a variety of solutions for controlled, safe and compliant valve operations that improve process and operator safety, to protect people and the planet. We are a manufacturer and supplier of valve operation systems such as mechanical valve interlocks, portable actuators, and valve position indicators in combination with specialized services such as asset health checks and operator training (asset integrity program), and project support (installation, commissioning, turnaround support, project management).

More than 375,000 units installed around the globe

We are the world’s largest interlock manufacturer, with the leading interlock brands Smith Flow Control interlocks and Netherlocks interlocks. We are proud to say that we have installed over 375,000 units at 800 different sites in 90 different countries around the world and this number is growing every day!

Enforce safe valve operation: Valve interlocks, Sequence control, Valve lockout, Key management

Monitor manual valve positions: Position indication for multi-turn valves, Valve interlocks

Operate manual valves quickly: Easy opening and closing of valves, Flexible operation

Operate manual valves remotely: Remote operation up to 30 meters away, through walls, under water

Ensure integrity of critical safety systems: Asset health checks, LOPA/HAZOP, Training, Compliance regulations

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